No fears for engineers

The world is not exactly awash with positivity these days. The economy is turbulent to say the least and global politics is downright frightening, but there is one shining light in the midst of all the doom and gloom.


The engineering sector has an incredibly bright future ahead of it. The average salary is currently £47,203 per annum, which is £9,033 more than the average salary for the science, clinical and engineering sectors combined. Only 13% of workers in these sectors are in the same salary bracket as engineers (£40,000-£49,999) and most of the industry (32%) earn between £20,000 and £29,999. 

But why are engineers so well-paid? 

This is primarily due to an extremely high demand for them. 257,000 new recruits are currently required by businesses and a whopping 1 million jobs will need engineering skills by 2022. Only half of the required number of graduates are moving into the industry and UCAS have reported a 12% drop in students interested in degrees such as chemical engineering.

This high demand also stems from technological innovation. For instance, developments in medical technologies, such as 3D printing and micro-electro-mechanical systems, means there is a particularly high demand for biomedical engineers. Process engineers are also highly sought-after, and with 3,000 process engineer roles posted to hiring companies last year it seems this demand is only going to grow. 

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