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Biometrics Jobs

Welcome to our deep dive into biometric jobs. We work with top biometric professionals across many niche disciplines within the sector, whether they are as clients, as candidates looking to start their careers or well established biometric professionals looking for their next challenge or contract. Here we deep dive into Biometrics. Find out how we work, discover key trends and take a look at the roles we have in this fascinating area.

What is Biometrics?

Biometrics is the measurement and statistical analysis of people's unique physical and behavioural characteristics. The technology is mainly used for identification and access control, or for identifying individuals who are under surveillance. Biometric authentication is when every person can be accurately identified by intrinsic physical or behavioural traits. There are a huge number of applications for biometric technology and more are being invented constantly. Biometric authentication can be used to provide better-than-password security to online accounts or personal hardware (like phones, tablets or PCs). Biometrics are increasingly being used to authenticate financial transactions, especially payments. There are even applications in healthcare that help doctors and clinicians keep better patient health records. Biometrics help law enforcement agents catch criminals and are making our airports more convenient; they help keep lunch lines moving quickly in schools and make sure no students get lost on field trips; biometrics are making our smartphones more usable and might be the key to helping users seamlessly interface with the growing Internet of Things.

What are the key trends in Biometrics?
In 2019, we’ll continue to see biometric authentication usage trend upward. In fact, one study conducted by Spiceworks shows that 62% of organizations currently use biometric technology for authentication. And, the same study also predicts that we’ll see nearly 90% of businesses using it by the year 2020.
Hackers are keeping this field on its toes and there is a requirement for something “better than a password”. NYU researchers have developed a fingerprint template which allows them to trick iphones into unlocking, so if universities are able to produce this, Hackers are definitely onto the technology too. To combat this companies like Mastercard are leading the way in research into other methods of authentification for their mobile app, using face recognition with a simple blink (to show that it is a live person and not just a photo) which is harder to replicate.

Where we work

We have a very strong foundation in Biometric recruitment. We work with the best and therefore have a wide range of Biometric jobs. Here are a few examples of roles we have recruited for recently: Statistician, Senior Statistician, Programmer, Biostatistician, Project Manager, Principal Statistician, Research Scientist. We work with consultancies and CRO’s as well as large corporations so whatever you are looking for we are very well placed to help.

The way we work:

We work in a consultative way with both our clients and candidates. When you are looking for a new permanent job or new contract role within the biometrics sector, SRG, as market leaders, are the best placed recruitment consultancy to help you find the right place for your next move. As a team, we are specialised, so our team fully understands the roles that they each deal with. We really get to know the people we work with, whether that is our clients (their culture, their environment, their team) or candidates (motivations, career aspirations, the environment you want to work in). We never try to send people to companies that won’t suit them and when working with our client companies we don’t bombard you with cv’s to fill our own internal quota numbers.

Take a look at our roles to see where your next opportunity could be. Our consultants are talking to clients all the time and they can make approaches on your behalf so please get in touch to see how we can help you. Alternatively if you are looking for talent to enhance or grow your team, call us to talk about who we are currently working with and how we can help: 0161 868 2200

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