Fully managed team

Synergy scientific are implanted fully managed teams that provide our clients with the highest quality scientific resource and data. Synergy employees are seamlessly integrated into the client’s site and utilise the site Quality System, policies, procedures and training programme. Staff are employed by Synergy and are operated and supervised by a dedicated on-site Synergy project manager. The Synergy project manager reports into both the Synergy Operations Manager and through the client’s traditional reporting line. The Synergy Operation Manger has overall responsibility of ensuring the team runs efficiently and effectively, providing:

  • Dedicated, flexible scientists, that are retained on-site and supervised by Synergy 
  • Mitigated co-employment risks
  • Negate the requirement of AWR pay and benefits comparison 
  • Intellectual property retained on site
  • Complete visibility and instant access to data and workloads
  • Usage of Client’s SOPs, ensuring quality and regulation
  • Delivery based on outputs, keeping within budgets and timeframes
  • Fixed monthly fee, keeping to budget and timeframes
  • One point-of-contact.  

The Synergy business model gives our clients the flexibility to up-scale and up-skill the team to our clients ongoing requirements, we also utilise multi-skilled staff to help flatten out our clients workloads across a range of scientific disciplines.
synergyThe Synergy staff are fully managed in terms of HR processes including the selection & recruitment, training, performance management, Pay, holiday pay, sick, NI contributions etc., allowing you to free up management resources. We have on site Synergy team leaders who are responsible for deliverables and KPI’s for the synergy team and who work closely with client management to ensure expectations are met and exceeded. 

The Synergy staff have training that directly mirrors the training of our clients full time employees meaning the Synergy staff fit seamlessly into our clients working practices. The Synergy on-site team leader and Synergy operations manager work closely with our clients to ensure the implanted team have a training program in line with that of their employed counterparts. Synergy will also assist with our clients training needs should our clients have a requirement. 

Benefits of insourcing include:

  • Reduces headcount
  • Avoids the turnover rate associated with traditional contingent worker staffing
  • Frees up resources to focus on core priorities
  • Eliminates co-employment and project-management worries
  • Offers flexibility for short-term, or long-term projects
  • Provides the security of keeping projects at client’s facilities
  • Minimises costs
  • Client and project specific Key Performance Indicators