Project and development

Our teams can be implanted to meet a fixed scope of work, working to pre agreed timescales and KPI’s to ensure the highest quality delivery. Synergy work with our clients every step of the way from project set up to project sign off.

For projects such as the development of a new methodology a Synergy team removes the long term risk of additional fixed headcount and the short term risk associated with contingent workers. 

Benefits of insourcing include:

  • Fixed project fee
  • Reduces headcount
  • Avoids the turnover rate associated with traditional contingent worker staffing
  • Frees up our clients resources to focus on core priorities
  • Eliminates co-employment and project-management worries
  • Offers flexibility for short-term, or long-term projects
  • Provides the security of keeping projects at your facilities
  • Minimises costs
  • Client and project specific key performance indicators

Synergy staff are fully managed in terms of HR processes including the selection & recruitment, training, performance management, Pay, holiday pay, sick, NI contributions etc., allowing you to free up management resources. For larger teams we have on site Synergy team leaders who are responsible for deliverables and KPI’s for the synergy team and who work closely with client management to ensure expectations are met and exceeded.