synergy sensory


Synergy manages sensory panels for a wide range of industry sectors, from healthcare nutrition to research and development for snack food and beverages. Made up of 12 carefully-selected assessors who are screened on an ongoing basis, our sensory panels meet a range of commercial needs, including product development programmes and determining of product changes over time for shelf-life evaluation. Our results are accurate, discriminating and precise, giving our clients the highest quality sensory data.

Synergy sensory panels are implanted fully managed teams that provide our clients with the highest quality sensory data from the on-site trained sensory panels. The on-site sensory team is overseen by a Sensory and Consumer Technical Manager who has overall responsibility of ensuring the panels run efficiently and effectively, providing:

  • Dedicated, flexible panellists, that are retained on-site and supervised by Synergy 
  • Mitigated co-employment risks
  • Negate the requirement of AWR pay and benefits comparison 
  • Intellectual property retained on site
  • Complete visibility and instant access to data and workloads
  • Usage of Client’s SOPs, ensuring quality and regulation
  • Delivery based on outputs, keeping within budgets and timeframes
  • Fixed monthly fee, keeping to budget and timeframes
  • Synergy Sensory and Consumer Technical Manager; who is the one-point-of-contact

The Synergy Team

Each panel consists of:

  • Sensory and Consumer Technical Manager - off site, on-site as required.  Overall responsibility for the project.
  • Sensory Implementation Manager - on-site for the first 6-8 months to recruit, train and ensure smooth implementation of the trained panel (if required).
  • Panel leader – responsible for the day to day running of sensory projects and managing the panel (if required).
  • 12 Sensory Panellists – from a team of 16. An individual from the panel undertakes a dual role as an individual contributor and panel coordinator, acting as on-site day to day coordinator between the panellists and the client.

Synergy ensures that all panel sessions are fully resourced, with a planned team of 12 at any one time. The client provides the facilities, equipment, process and materials for Synergy to conduct the services on site at the client’s Sensory suite.

Roles and Responsibilities

Recruitment of the Sensory Panel 

Synergy run an advertising campaign for the recruitment of the new Sensory Panels managing and screening all applications and candidates, telephone interviews, setting up and running of assessment day at the client’s site. The client provides space and sensory personnel at the client’s sensory suite to run the sensory segment of this day.  Synergy runs the interviews, group exercise and paperwork as well as chaperone the candidates from security to interview room.  

Synergy maintain a pool of vetted and screened candidates and manage all aspects of appointment, rejection and on boarding of the candidates. This includes ensuring the individuals are informed of client’s procedures and requirements. 

Synergy Sensory and Consumer Manager

The Sensory Panels are managed by Synergy and it is the Synergy Sensory and Consumer Manager’s responsibility to provide managerial support to the Sensory panellists, and will act as a main point of contact for business and commercial decisions. Will also support all aspects of HR and training, responsibilities include, but not limited to:

  • HR support and employee welfare
  • Supervision and Management 
  • Training and Development
  • Annual Appraisals and Performance Reviews
  • Recruitment and Deployment
  • On-going mentoring and support
  • All safety precautions in accordance with client policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs)

The Sensory and Consumer Technical Manager ensures all data is submitted within the specified timelines including the provision of reporting metrics on a monthly/quarterly basis or as required. Also attending performance presentation at quarterly reviews includes key milestone deliverables, quality service outputs, added value and innovative improvement ideas and techniques.